Why is important to own a blog in Nigeria


Why is important to own a blog are numerous but I will be listing the pros and con of owning a blog as an individual. Before I go straight to the point I will like to highlight a few things which are expected from every blogger.


blogging decisions

As a blogger, you need to map out plans which are going to help you grow, bloggers usually are confused when starting their blogging career because of a lack of mentorship and information which they need to grow their blogging career or hobby.

These are the pros and cons of blogging;


  • Blogging is a passive source of income if you blog in the right way
  • Blogging increases your popularity over the internet and real life
  • Blogging is a good way to market any product to the general public
  • Blogging act as a medium for personal development making you a good writer


  • Blogging consume a lot of quality time
  • blogging can make you broke when you don’t have a budget
  • Blogging can make you lose your self-confidence when you are not doing it the right way


My advice goes to newbies that are trying to venture into the blogging space to make and take their time in preparing for the blogging space. I will be giving out further tutorials on how to make your blog stand out.

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