Google Authenticator and Authy app which is better?


Google Authenticator is one the most popular security mobile application as there in which people use it to secure their account online from hackers to steal their data, funds, etc. Google Authentication can be installed in both Android and IOS and the good thing about Google authenticator is that the application is free to download.


google authenticator


  • Google Authentication is very easy to install to any Android smartphone
  • Google Authentication can easily be transferred to other smartphone


  • Google Authentication app don’t have backup which makes people pass through the hassle of retrieving their online accounts

Authy is second popular securing app but this one comes with phone number registration which is a great feature, Authy can also be used to secure any online account





  • Authy mobile application is the new security app it comes with Backup¬†feature whereby it can easily be retrieve when you misplace your smartphone.

If am to choose I think I will go for Authy application because of the backup feature.


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