The best ways to make money online are highlighted below, I want to keep this simple and short as possible.

While doing my research and a lot of things I have come to discover that people search the internet every second on ways to make money online, they more the search they more they get confused on ways to make money online, because they are so many ways to make money online.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time now and a lot of people have been making six figures in a month I will repeat myself

Yes six figures in a month for 12 months in a year

Affiliate marketing has been the best way to make money online for me because you will increase your cash flow when you work very hard . There numerous legitimate websites who can pay you daily earning made when promoting your offer.

You can read about Peerfly one of the beginner affiliate networks I recommend to help people make money online easily online.

2. Dropshipping

The trend of dropshipping has been around for some time now but it boom in the year 2018 when people started making six figures in a month. The good thing about drop shipping is that anybody can do it, you dont need to go to school for four years to be able to do drop shipping.

Drop shipping is passive income simplified especially when you do it the right way, that is why you need a mentor to help you succeed in this couple with hard work. I know a lot of people who were able to own their personal dream house from the earnings made from drop shipping in the year 2018 and till date, they are still killing it.

3. Create a blog

Creating a blog put your business ideas online which gives leverage over your contemporary. Your ideas can be sold online which is beneficial to you in the long run, People see blogging as a waste of time and effort because is only serious minded people that can run a blog successfully and profitable. Blogging has been one of the ways I make money online because google adsense pay me monthly.

You can do more with blogging by selling eBooks and other content created by you. Blogging can be classified into different categories including video blogging which is done on youtube.

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